Over the past few months, I’ve struggled to find words to express the sadness I feel for the present situation in America. I’ve mostly kept quiet, aside from conversations with friends and family. But: enough is enough. …

And I found Christ Jesus eleven hours in; he revealed himself to me from inside the airbox.

For those who know what this job is and entails, and perhaps are considering doing it themselves, the TL;DR here is basically this:

  • You can do it.
  • You will have a moment of pure anxiety and despair about 10 hours in, when the entire inside of the car is…

Some thoughts on migrating away from WordPress and onto a server-less stack

Pulling the Line Cord on the Proverbial LAMP

Update: what I describe below has lead me here, to medium.com (see stack.) Medium is cool, and you should use it.


My website runs on WordPress, atop a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP stack. Which, in 2017, as a professional back-end engineer, is kind of an embarrassing and humbling statement to make.

This article…

Jameson Williams

Staff Engineer at Reddit

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